05 May 2015

A trick

You know what one thing comes up the most when I'm cooking with someone else?
Onion tears.

I would say more than half of the people I cook with make a comment about how much they hate cutting onions because of the crying.

Well... here is the solution!
Put the onion in the freezer.

That's right! Put the onion in the freezer for 15 minutes before you cut it and poof! No tears!

Thanks Lifehacker

30 April 2015

Dee does NYC: Smorgasburg

"Oh my gosh... you know what you should do while you're in New York?!" About 12 of my friends asked me.

"What?" I asked.

"SMORGASBURG!!!!" Said all of them.

You guys. Smorgasburg is essentially my idea of heaven. Think Taste of Cincinnati, but like, better. Think cuisine fusion and bacon in dessert and all the creative foodie minds setting up booths EVERY WEEKEND from April to October. I mean, come on. Get it together Cincinnati, I want this.
To top it off, it's in Williamsburg, so, you know, all the cool kids are there.

It's a food flea market and it is incredible.

Here is a look at what we snacked on:

Bite Size Kitchen's Steam Buns. When my sister and I decided that we needed to go to Smorgasburg, this is the first place she mentioned.

We ordered all three and they were outstanding. My pork belly was a little too fatty, but the flavor was still amazing. The jalapeno and cucumber together were perfect. My sister's favorite was the duck.

Lumpia Shack's spring rolls

We, of course, got the sampler. I honestly don't know if I could choose a favorite. They were all bursting with flavor. Everything was fresh and the wraps were crispy. Maybe the mushroom was my favorite, but just because it was different.

AsiaDog for hot dogs. Duh.

These were another hit. You pick what kind of meat you want (or veggie!). Then, you pick the style toppings you want. I went with the Ginny: kimchi and nori flakes. Dan (my sister's boyfriend) got the Sidney: a relish with mango, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, and crushed peanuts. Again, no one was disappointed.

Vendome Macaron Bar

We got pistachio (green), raspberry (red), vanilla (white), chocolate (brown), and sea-salt caramel (blue). The sea salt caramel was by far the winner. Although, they were all amazing.

Butter & Scotch's Bacon Cupcake

The bacon, you guys. Swoon.

I had so much fun in New York, but this might have been my favorite thing on the trip. No one is surprised I loved the eating event though, right? Big surprise.

22 April 2015


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A tip

You guys.

I do a lot of cooking with spicy peppers.
Especially Jalapeno.

You know when you get the pepper juices on your skin and it burns like crazy? I just read the most incredible tip thanks to Plated....

What a genius idea!

Follow them on Instagram here. They post all kinds of great tips!

21 April 2015

My favorite Nooks: Ashley's Home

I'm excited to share with you all the first post in a feature of posts I'll be calling "My Favorite Nooks". I wouldn't say that I'm hopeless at decorating, but I will definitely say that I have to do A LOT of research to put things in my home together. This series will focus on people who have put together beautiful, inspiring homes. I hope you enjoy it..

You know how you have that friend and everything she touches turns into something beautiful? That is Ashley.

I posted about her natural beauty here.

She designs the most beautiful water color prints, which you can purchase here.

She knows how to knit, has a wonderful signing voice, plays the piano, picks out the coolest records, and recently has been proving she has an exceedingly capable green thumb. Not to mention, the lattes, guys.

She is an optimistic, positive, faith driven woman who is a real inspiration. When you go to her house, expect homemade coffee cake and a very special latte. Every time I'm there, its "Have a slice of crumb cake, it just came out of the oven!" and "Do you want one shot of espresso or two? I'm going to use half almond milk and half regular milk. Are honey and simple syrup okay?" It is such a treat to visit her! Especially when I know that the latte and sweets come with a warm home, welcoming smile, and easy, comfortable conversation with an incredibly insightful gal. (I'm really laying it on thick, aren't I? She's just so great!).

So of course, no one is surprised when you walk into her apartment and your jaw hits the floor. Her place is adorable. Here are some photos of her beautiful space...

"I came from a place that was really nicely decorated, but there was a lot of stuff. I wanted my new place to feel like everything had a purpose-- that where I did have stuff, it was intentional."

"I really like the clean lines of mid-century modern, but wanted to mix in some more rustic touches where I could. Just something unique"

"I think that corner might be one of my favorite places in my house right now. I just love that there is so much life there!"

"The tennis racket was given to my dad by an old friend just before he died. We were in the hospital and his friend came to give it to him. Now, I sort of think of it as my own little dream catcher." 

"Its hard to say which space is my favorite. I just love it all so much... I love that window over there because I pray there every morning..I love this corner because I spend a lot of time being creative there... I like this spot because it is right in the middle of it all. I guess they're all my favorite."

Thank you, Ashley for opening up your lovely home to me and letting me share it!

20 April 2015

Bucket List: 8. Eat the best lobster roll in NYC

8. Eat the best lobster roll in NYC.


Remember when I posted here about my Springtime bucket list? I'm checking stuff off, you guys.

This baby is from The Sea Fire Grill. I was in heaven the whole time I was eating it. And, it was (almost) worth every penny- I think it was like $23, but I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for what how teeny it was.

This bun was basically a hot dog bun. But, it was still so delicious!

The salad that came with it was so yummy. Chickpeas, olives, red peppers, cucumber and onion- a great addition to the meal.

Was it the best lobster roll in NYC? Its hard to say. But, I'm happy to go back and do more research ; )

P.S. How sad are you guys that The Anchor doesn't have a lobster roll on the menu anymore?

Update: I just stumbled across this last night:

So looks like we can still get a lobster roll, y'all! 

16 April 2015

Green BEAN Delivery is having a contest

You guys. I know by now you've heard of Green B.EA.N Delivery. Especially if you're a long time reader because I posted about them here.

Now the coolest thing is happening! They're having a recipe contest!

Now, if you are anything like me, and I think some of you are, you LOVE contests. Mostly because you love winning. Specifically, you like winning stuff.

Stuff like really fancy grill accessories. I'm talking a wok, grilling planks, a cook book. Or maybe you have been thinking about trying out your green thumb. You live in a house now. You have a back deck. You LOVE homegrown basil. You can win a super cool chalkboard planter. Or, perhaps you are trying to get your kids to eat healthy. You can get them more interested with fun things like chalkboard place mats and training chopsticks. (I just googled chalkboard place mats and now I want to go buy some). Not to mention you will win a Green B.E.A.N. gift card, which is basically like winning gold.

So here is how the contest works:

You can compete in any or all of the following categories:

Chillin & Grillin
Quick, Easy & Kid friendly
Veggie Side
Pack-and-go Healthy Lunch

I'm thinking chillin and grillin is a must. I'm already brainstorming ideas- so watch out, y'all.

Come up with an original recipe, and submit it to any time between now and May 22nd. Hashtag #platedproud on social media, you guys. You can do one recipe per category. And if you win, your recipe will be featured on their website. (And mine- because if you win, I will hunt you down for a guest post.)

Stay tuned, because I will definitely be blogging my recipes.

Here is a copy of the press release for more detailed information.

What category do you want to compete in? Already have a recipe in mind?
Good luck you guys!